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Bee-sieged – bees in warfare


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Some of the many odd ways in which bees have been exploited during the history of wars.

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It is often stated that bees have been used in warfare, and in this book Ray Jones has endeavoured to document some of the many odd ways in which bees have been exploited. For example in 400 BC the Greek historian Xenophan related that 10,000 mercenaries were forced to retreat after eating unripe honeycomb produced from Rhododendron ponticum and Azalea pontica nectar, containing toxins that caused them to suffer vomiting and diarrhoea and made them unable to stand. Other bee products are discussed in chapters that include beeswax, magical, malicious and medicinal, and pollen – bee food or chemical agent? A useful source of many obscure and unusual anecdotes about bees and their products. 2008 103 pages

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