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Everyone who loves bees will love this book.

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Everyone who loves bees will love this book. It is highly readable and engaging, as Dave Goulson explains what is happening to bumble bee populations across the world. He describes his journeys to north and south America, as well as nearer to home in the UK. It is shocking to realise that bumblebee populations are becoming extinct, almost without us noticing. One example is the recent, rapid decline of the world’s largest bumblebee species Bombus dahlbomii, the only indigenous bumblebee of southern Argentina and Chile, whose territory is now filled by European buff-tailed bumblebees. The book provides a compelling call to action for everyone to regreen our urban areas and find room for wildlife to persist. Do read it and be well informed about the bumblebee crisis. 2017 233 pages Hardcover


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